Indicted to Ignited

Discover How Detroit’s ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ Rose Up from Nothing, Overcame Severe Hardships & Built

  • She Survived a abusive relationship & a brutal sexual assault
  • She went broke
  • Served Prison Time…..

But None of These Things Were Able to Keep Her from Achieving the Success She Desired

“On the outside Detroit looked dirty, especially for any outsiders. But to me, Detroit bled money and I had to get it. It’s a hustler’s gold mine. And that’s what I did, I hustled hard. I sold bricks. But not bricks of dope. The bricks I sold were bricks of real estate. These bricks were supposed to be safe and harmless while taking me straight to the top. My flips were better than dope. No violence. No police chasing behind me. No looking over my shoulder. At least that’s what I thought, until life quickly showed me just how wrong I was.”

Annetta Powell has had to work hard for everything that she has gotten in life – and when it was all taken away from her – she had to fight even harder to get it back.

Yet that is exactly what she did. Today, after going broke and spending time in prison she is wealthier and more successful than ever.

Her story is like something out of a Hollywood movie. She was born to deaf parents in Pontiac, MI. She survived an abusive relationship and a violent sexual assault to go on to build a real estate empire.

Then the crash of 2008-2009 hit and she went broke. But even that wasn’t the bottom for Annetta. She also was indicted on Mortgage Fraud charges for assisting buyers with down payment money to purchase investment properties.

In December 2014, she was sentenced to 24 months in prison and served her time at Alderson Federal Prison, which is known as “Camp Cupcake” and is where Martha Stewart served her prison sentence.

But none of that was able to hold her down. After getting released from prison, she went right back to what she does best – building wealth.

Now, wizened by her past failures, she didn’t just focus on real estate investment but instead created multiple streams of income from a variety of different sources. Using this “serial entrepreneur” approach she was able to achieve even greater success than before.

Believing that people can learn a lot from her life story … from both her struggles and her victories … she has now written a book about her experiences.

Introducing “Indicted to Ignited”

This book details all the big moments from Annetta’s life – from her struggle through an abusive relationship that nearly sidetracked her dreams to how she built her real estate empire to how she lost it, went to prison and then rose from the ashes to achieve greater success. This book is filled with powerful insight and real-world practical advice.

Annetta’s story is an inspiring one filled with both good and bad decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Annetta is living proof that no obstacle is too big to overcome … that setbacks are merely setups for a comeback. She inspires others to persevere and has the real-world knowledge to help others minimize risk and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Annetta Saw Her Dream Life Turn into a Nightmare Right Before Her Very Eyes …

At the age of 24, she was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and decided that she was no longer going to work as a Materials Coordinator for Johnson Controls, a job she had started when she was just 19.

She realized that she was never going to become a millionaire working for someone else. Eventually, she would learn that true wealth comes from having multiple streams of income, which is also known as diversifying your income.

But at this point in her life she just knew that she could never become rich working for someone else – so she decided it was time to take control of her financial future.

She purchased her first real estate property for $18,000. After making the necessary renovations, she was able to sell it for a profit of $24,000.

That ignited a fire and she went on and purchased, renovated and sold more than 600 properties totaling $50 million dollars in real estate sales since that humble beginning.

“I bought and sold houses for profit. I flipped every property I purchased for profit. And when I say profit, I mean just that… nothing less than $10,000 a whop! I left my house that day in September 2008 and walked into my four car garage where my black S550 Convertible Mercedes, burgundy Range Rover Sport and white Mercedes S550 sat waiting for my choosing. These were mine. Not my boyfriend’s. Not borrowed. Not rented. Mine! My trophies. I advertised my success and reminded myself to work harder so I could stay on top of my game. I was on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire.”

Despite Very Poor Odds, Annetta Turned Her Life Around & Started Living What She Considered Her Dream Existence

But it didn’t last, first came the housing market crash and then the federal charges.

“FBI agents were everywhere. They were in the waiting area where my clients would sit and I peaked in and noticed that all my file cabinets were open. They had documents in their hands and all over the floor. My breath caught in my throat and I thought I would turn to stone as I listened to the sound of my own thumping heartbeat. This could not and should not be happening!

The carpeted floors kept my Valentino pumps from alerting them to my presence. I found myself swiftly tip-toeing backwards toward the elevators. I kept my eyes locked on the backs of the FBI agents while taking in every move they made as I made mine. I prayed to God quietly, saying, “lawd, don’t let the FBI turn around. Please not now!” The elevator doors had not closed yet, but they started to. I made it just in time before they did.”

Real Estate had been Annetta’s meal ticket for the past several years, but she finally came to the realization that you should NEVER rely on one source of income.

The recession taught her to have multiple streams of income so that her financial future could be more secure.

So she made a decision to diversify her income due to her experience of being broke in the past. Now not only is she a real estate investor but she has learned how to build wealth through multiple streams of income. She now owns:

  • Five tax franchises known as the Tax Experts
  • A luxury party bus company
  • A women’s clothing store
  • And she is starting new business ventures as you read this

She’s become the very definition of a serial entrepreneur –

She has created a special network, which she’s calling The Wealth Connect. Her mission is to help thousands of people master entrepreneurship and build wealth all at the same time.“The day of my release (from prison) was surreal. I felt like I was reborn. I took a moment and stood outside and inhaled the free air. There was nothing anybody could tell me about myself that I didn’t already know. I got it. The lesson God wanted me to learn, I learned it.I went through the fire and I did not melt. Hell no! I came out on the other side, forged into iron! Now I’m about to hit the ground running and use all I’ve experienced to carve out my own empire in this world.”

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  • What it is really like “behind bars” in the very prison that Martha Stewart went to – does “Orange is the New Black” get it right? Find out here!
  • How easy it is to run afoul of the FBI even when you think you are doing “the right thing”
  • How she was able to finally escape an abusive relationship that could have cost her everything
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